This site is ugly on a phone.

Oingo Boingo – On The Outside.

Hey. I’m looking for the one. The person I’ll grow old with. Who will always be with me, improving upon life’s joys and pains. Who will cause my heartbreak-induced death shortly after their passing, or visa-versa. Whom loves to bang on a regular. That old chestnut.

But tragically, I’m an emotionally mature genius. Turns out, the greatest fear of a culture dominated by thoughtless immaturity, is intellect. Romantically, I’d have more luck as a soy boy beta cuck, or a codependent pathologic liar, or any other normal dipshit. Go fucking figure.

Given the extreme rarity of mature genii, I can’t just find someone like me. Instead, if I ever want to stop being lonely and horny, I have to focus on the possible option: finding a normal person who’s capable of rational thought and behavior. I know. Impossible. But I have faith.

Thus, this gargantuan blog. My soul, laid out, so one of you emotional infants might figure out that life with me would be awesome. If only you can endure the mind-shattering torment of not being the smartest person in a relationship. *shiver*

Herein, you’ll find a pretty current journal and vlog, an autobiography, my philosophy, an absurd amount of rambling on video, work and romantic history, etc, etc. Even oh-so-scary, completely inhuman, genius-grade emotional break-downs, are on display. Oh right, and a fucking bitchin’ playlist.

Honestly, with this website existing, I’m surprised every day I’m still single – and my opinion of humanity lessens. Suppose I’m biased though. Who can smile with a dry dick?

Anyway, to save your time, I’d suggest starting at the Let’s Play With My Heart videos #8 & #9. If you prefer text over video, you may wish to start with the Paradigm Primer, and Paradigm/Philosophy section in general – of special note therein is Feminism & The Princess Complex, which counters the popular modern viewpoint.

If you’ve been routed from a dating site and are interested, leave me a message here, on the Romantic Compatibility hub.


9 Responses to “This site is ugly on a phone.”

  1. I don’t know much of anything but I know this is one interesting blog! Despite my pathetic former life as I’ve described, I do have hope as I have seen many good things and met a few decent folks (not many). Still we trudge onward through this mess!

  2. Struggle can break us, or help develop strength. I’ve also seen many wonderful things, and met a few good people, in my life; that’s what keeps me going.

    I genuinely appreciate your compliment, and hope it help me find a partner, as you have.

  3. Oh my word, I am insatiably curious and Googled Ikue Asazaki – Obokuri-Eeumi and am listening to it as I type. It is exquisitely beautiful, I love it and absolutely love the way you write. I am such a romantic and I truly hope the right person is winging their way to you already. Sometimes putting it out there in the Universe is a good start. I found my perfect partner 21 years ago and he is the best thing that ever happened to me. He is an engineer and hopeless at communication, really bad… seriously, but somehow I get him and he gets me and together we are fantastic. I wish that for you with my whole heart! P.S. It’s Tania from Soul Sense Coaching stopping in from Blog Pitch Party.

  4. Ah, thank you very much on all accounts. You may wish to note that the songs have inbuilt links. Simply click them, and they will open to youtube, in a new page.

  5. Certainly the most interesting about page I have seen on a blog, ever! Most people are full of shit and present things in the light they want to present to the world. Louis, you are definitely honest and it is interesting to me that even though we look at the world in a different manner, many of our core beliefs are similar, for example, we both study the motives of people, and see the flaws. I see different flaws than you. As for your search for love, that is a universal thing I think, sounds like the lady who left your life left a wreck behind, I have been there as well. Also you may not believe but I have also been the hero, the villain and the victim in my life as well. Life has thrown situations at me that were harsh, difficult and I was woefully unprepared for them. Tough times caused me to question everything and the answers I came out with were that, our thoughts are important to what we experience. Your perspective on thoughts is interesting as well, how can we understand how the mind works and therefore trust that our thoughts are guiding us well? Good food for thought. Life is a one time experience and at times it can be very hard to see the good, but the good does exist, just as the evil exists. It always reminds me of a Cherokee parable about the old Chief who tells his grandson that there are two wolves inside each of us, one of love, and one of fear and they are constantly fighting for control. The child asks,”grandfather, which one will win?” The answer is, the one that you feed. Thanks for the thoughts, you may regret introducing me to your blog. 🙂

  6. Em. “All roads lead to Rome.” From my perspective, all rational thought leads to the same place. And I love a good parable; allow me to share one that has warmed me through the years.

    On an island, a tribe lived. In that tribe, a shaman lived. One day, the shaman began staring at the horizon. He continued this behavior for years, to no end. Later, the shaman sees something on the horizon; he immediately gathers the villagers, pointing at it. They see nothing. Over days, the object comes closer; the shaman continues to point it out, to no avail. Eventually, the other villagers do see, when it is anchored in their bay – it was a ship.

    And while I’m honest, and prefer complete transparency, I am nevertheless forced to commit lies of omission and inference; few people like their deepest held beliefs casually refuted – especially when their beliefs paint them heroic. But then, those very people rarely value honesty. So, if finding love demands I allow continuation of their self-imposed delusions, so be it.

  7. What a fascinating premise for a blog! I am intrigued…

    I, too, have experienced the trauma you describe, as well as the search for self-understanding that resulted. I have known the frustrations and heartache of relationships, and I spent a good portion of my life looking for one particular man. I knew him intimately in my heart and soul, but never met him in the flesh. And then that last relationship break-up came and went, and my whole attitude changed…

    But, unlike you, I chose a different path. I accepted my mate was a myth, and that every intimate relationship I would/could experience here was fundamentally flawed. I decided that I was done compromising for the comfort of companionship; that I was tired of sacrificing my time, energy, effort, money and desires for the sake of making room in my life for a partner. So I chose to go solo. Period. That was 12 years ago, and I have never regretted that decision…

    But I am a loving soul, and I delight in discovering couples who can truly make it work. I do not envy them their work, but I admire and respect their efforts. And so I find I must follow you and this blog to see if you succeed. I truly hope you do. Such determination and awareness deserves reward, and only one reward seems appropriate here – complete success!

    Wishing you the very best, and truly looking forward to sharing this journey with you… 🙂

  8. Aye. I’m afraid that might end up being my only choice. But I’ll keep trying, as I’m currently not strong enough for the single life. But thank you.

  9. I genuinely hope you find what you are looking for, Louis! Really! And personally, I think it takes more strength to keep looking, than to give up. Just my opinion, though. Single is easy; partnership is hard work…

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