Unaddressed Love Letters

Oingo Boingo – On The Outside.

Hey. I’m looking for love. Unfortunately, I’m a mature genius; to most people, my perspectives equate misanthropy. Since that dramatically reduces my dating pool, I built this blog as an automated screener. It’s huge and has most about me in it, so you can be scared off by yourself, without wasting my attention.

Your first stops should likely be Let’s Play With My Heart #8 [and possibly 9], The Paradigm Primer, and Feminism and The Princess Complex. If lacking intellect or maturity, The Dominant / Submissive Option should also be one of your first stops.

So, my life is yours to wander. The nearly current journal and vlog, the autobiography, my philosophic perspectives, work history, romantic history, a breakdown or two [technically, the current bulk of the journal might count], etc, etc. My life, on display.

It should be noted that I started this blog over four years ago, at the start of a long and deep depression. Accordingly, alot of the journal and vlog are just.. well.. me being sad and dramatic. Sorry. You’d feel the same, if bright enough to recognize reality.

If wishing to talk to me directly, leave a message on the Romantic Compatibility hub.

2 Responses to “Unaddressed Love Letters”

  1. Learn sentence structure “genius”

  2. I love how you think people will prescreen themselves for someone who just wrote this on 12/13/20:

    “I keep driving around my old, uninsurable and thus illegal car, while trying to get this legal fucker working. I could get fined at any moment. I keep putting more money into the “new” car, but I don’t have much choice: I don’t have enough money to buy something better, not with covid damage – both to myself and the economy – forcing a higher reserve.”

    So enticing! Can’t wait to jump on that!

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