Danner Quarry Boots

Hello Stranger – Big Boots

You ever get the urge to kick a mountain in half? Get some Quarries. They run about 200-250, but they’re damn sure worth the money. A pair of mine finally gave out after.. 8 years? 2 of those years were spent in heavy construction and forestry work. I’ve got three pairs of these fuckers.

They basically have everything you can get in a leather boot: water resistant, toe and shank protection, a harder sole than me, goretex for breathing, electrical shielded. Supposedly, they’re also oil and skid resistant, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it; they’re decent for it, but you basically have to trade that for a hard sole, and soft soles don’t last. They’ve got the standard insoles as well, and Danner’s insoles are pretty good.

They break in quickly, and last for years if the leather is properly cared for with grease, oil, or wax. I personally use Hubbard’s Shoe Grease. Great for the leather’s lifespan, aswellas helping with water resistance. A cobbler once told me that care products can eat at the stitching, but I didn’t see that to be the case with Hubbard’s.

I used the grease in the following way, until recently, when keeping them in the oven for some time caused the damned soles to disconnect from the shoe itself. Shrug. So, I used to clean them with water, rag, and brush, throw them in a low-set oven, let them warm up, apply the grease, put them back in the oven, let ’em soak, and repeat until the leather stops absorbing.

That method worked without flaw on my first pair, but a newer pair came apart on me: the adhesive was ruined. It might be because I left them in the oven for a long period, allowing the heat to permeate the soles. Previously, I used a higher heat for a shorter period of time, causing the exterior leather to dry.

Anyway. I had a camping job, where we went out in 8 day stints, and worked.. maybe 10-12 hours a day. Almost never took these bastards off. Problem was, my feet can get sweaty. Electric or gas boot-driers work for that, but I prefer newspapers. Just crumple it up, cram it in the boot, and they’ll dry pretty well overnight – use allot, but leave a little room for breathing. I also keep 2 pairs of insoles, to be switched out daily. Danner’s insole easily dry within that timeframe. Standard practice is to carry two pairs of boots, to be switched out daily, but thats more weight to carry.


– White’s and Xtratufs [commonly termed “toughs”]

While on the subject of boots: When talking with forestry personnel, they consistently suggested “White’s Boots”. These fuckers can run around 500 a pair, but they’re somewhat tailor fitted, and the company supposedly rebuilds the boots for free, for life – that’s just what I was told. If the forestry fire-fighters all use it, it good: These guys work in shifts and conditions that would instantly kill those rich idiots that run the world.

Another boot of note: Xtratuf Boots. These mother fuckers are so hard, they dominate the Alaskan market, and still can’t spell for shit. Sadly, they’re rubber, but that’s the only choice you have if you’re trekking through snow and water 24/7, or dragging your huge balls and/or labia across a crabbing boat in the arctic ocean. Funny story: I was in the Anchorage airport, and some rich idiot tourist was making fun of everyone for wearing the boots. But I don’t know, maybe his Eddy Bauers really do the trick. Love to take that ignorant, limp-wrist fuck, on the job for a day.


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~ by Louis Naughtic on July 21, 2016.

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