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I’ve got an 8” Chef’s Wusthof, that I’ve had for.. over a decade and a half. It’s great, as a paring knife – and my hands are not large. The metal quality is extreme: there’s been very little degradation. Handle’s great, though I’ve seen better.

Like I said, a great paring knife – for making pretty little things, to sell to rich people who have no idea how to spend money. But as a knife for a real cook? Wusthof is a high quality company, no doubt about it; their metal is second to none. But the shape of their knives is simply not practical for cooking.

Dexter, on the other hand, makes a tall [sometimes referred to as a “wide” model, though I can’t find a standard moniker] cook’s knife that is far more practical. These sweet little pieces of ass costs around 20-40 bucks, depending where you get them. The handle can melt by flame or heated metal, the blade will wear eventually. But so what? Scrape the melted plastic. There’s allot of blade to wear off. Funny thing is, the metal being lower quality makes re-edging it is much easier than high-quality metal.

What makes these knives unique, and superior to the knives that cost hundreds of dollars, is their shape. Their blade is much taller than most knives – the distance from the sharp edge of the blade, to the unedged top. While making them more difficult to wield, they can cut much larger quantities of food, while facilitating an extremely comfortable and stable cutting motion. Be sure to specifically seek the taller ones, as Dexter also makes shorter blades.

They’re big, they’re ugly, they’re cheap, and they do a much better job than those rich kid knives. Personally, if I could only choose one cook’s knife, I’d take their tall sani-safe 10″, but I like to have a paring, a standard 8″, a 10″, and a 12″.

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~ by Louis Naughtic on July 21, 2016.

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