Fenix TK11 Flashlight

Black Lab – This Night

A simply wonderful flashlight. Fenix produces numerous models – I even own a superior one. I stick to my 11, however, because it’s simple and to the point – less shit to go wrong. It’s brighter than fuck, battery life is solid considering the output, damn thing fits in my hand, takes a hell of beating, is water proof, etc. Could easily use it for blinding people in self-defense.

Had it for.. 7 years? Run about 75 bucks. The specs say that it puts out around 280 lumens on high [2ish hours battery life], 60 on low [14ish hours life]. Honestly don’t know what those numbers mean. What I do know is that, in pitch dark, I can see whatever the hell I want, and farther away than I’d need to.

Sometimes grease gets on the battery contact – just rub it off. When I first bought it, a component was loose, caused light to bleed when off. Just screwed it down a little, which the company told me how to do, no problems since. No, wait, sometimes it doesn’t turn off and on like it should – but I’m pretty sure that’s due to me not pressing it right.

Oh, and the stock holster wears out quick. I now use a “Nite-Ize Light Holster Stretch” – it’s great. Only complaints would be that, after popping the holster on and off of it’s mount a shitton, it stopped anchoring – but that’s my fault, and it’s like 10 bucks. It also doesn’t cover the lens of your flashlight, but I want easy access anyway. Like a skirt.


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~ by Louis Naughtic on July 21, 2016.

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