Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics – Tutorial

FFT is one of the legendary classics of the gaming golden age, when quality products were ubiquitous, due to technological simplicity placing less emphasis on flashy bullshit. It’s got a rather convoluted and evocative story involving family, war, betrayal, royalty, and the like – impressively portrayed with pixel art and limited audio complexity.

The gaming mechanics, at the time, were astoundingly complex – and still remain very impressive. Those mechanics are Turn-Based Strategy, which is essentially an extremely complicated version of chess. The character customization still rivals many similar titles. I remember, I must have been 12, spending hours just trying to figure out the damn tutorial. God that game is beautiful.

The gameplay difficulty, at times, is chaotically unbalanced: ranging from too difficult to too easy. But with such a complex system, you can’t really complain. And they did very well nontheless.

It’s spiritual forerunner, the game series that it’s mechanics were based off of, was Tactics Ogre, or some such – from the Ogre Battles franchise. I’m pretty sure the etymology of the “Tactics” moniker came first from the Ogre series, and was then popularized from FFT.

An important note to fans of the game: there is a heavily modded version, which dramatically increases the difficulty of the game while remaining balanced. “Insane Difficulty” or somesuch is the name. There are some videos up on my channel.

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~ by Louis Naughtic on July 21, 2016.

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