I’d do you better. You know I would. I’ll thank you again but hope
those were good. Thank you for guiding, creating, and blessing.
A new me.. part of why I thank and why I love.

For whom none I feel more or adore as the same.
Soon you will see how I feel, how you steal, how I deal, how I love.

Have opened a door. No love have I dreamed, no never before.
At first I would try to deny how I felt but my heart, it would melt when I could see you, would see you, should see yourself through my eyes, the surprise that was you with a stare, “Who is he?”.
Even then. I thought to myself, silently, could this be, that I love?

I dare not upset but have in the past and that I regret.
I write as I write, never letting it run.
Avoiding those three little words combinding as one.
For I would not, I could not, of your heart pull a string.
In fear that it may cause a ring. And yet further, a sting.

For you I feel deeply and know it is true.
Though I have yet to say it, I love

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~ by Louis Naughtic on July 21, 2016.

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