Homeworld Remastered – Adagio for Strings

Homeworld’s story really got me. The minimalist presentation, discretely and precisely designed, caused attachment toward every one of my thousands of units – I was sad and angry when their common deaths occurred. An arresting score, excellent pixel art [for the time] and hand-drawn art, voice acting that captured the gravity and serenity of the atmosphere, and a brutal campaign, all accentuated the story’s emotional impact.

The mechanics are.. I think, the only iteration of them that exist – though I wouldn’t be at all surprised be some random, unknown, lesser titles that mimicked it. It’s mechanics are based on a common theme: Real-Time Strategy, or RTS. But, unlike all other RTS, Homeworld is a truly 3D environment: the armies you command, fight and move, on an XYZ plane; they’re thus capable of moving up, down, forward, back, left, and right. It’s a space-war simulator.

Though likely the first of it’s kind, Homeworld nevertheless produced excellent mechanics. There’s a multiplayer competitive mode which isn’t terrible, but where it shines is the campaign mode. Its notoriously punishing, but an absolute pleasure to experience as a gamer and strategist; not merely because it is so well-crafted, but because the combat pacing is uniquely entrancing: the combat involves huge battles, and very little macro-management.

There also exists.. two more Homeworld games, and a third that doesn’t utilize the 3D setting. I’ve played Homeworld 2, and was basically annoyed into quitting.

Also of note is the fact that a “remastered” version exists, which also has the original packaged in it. The remastered is essentially a graphical & audio overhaul. Supposedly, however, there are issues with the remastered version that are somewhat gamebreaking – or at least were. Send me dirty panties and I’ll do some Let’s Plays of them.

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~ by Louis Naughtic on July 21, 2016.

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