Half a world away
6 years behind
I hope you’re alive.

She wears disguise
My beautiful alpha
Face cut of stone.

Suffering the common ailments
Guideless, she heals supreme
Shit, I’m in love.

Suffering, we sneer
Tears are saved for beauty
You’d better be alive.

I’ll burn this world to find you.


Poetry Hub



~ by Louis Naughtic on July 21, 2016.

10 Responses to “Hunt”

  1. “shit I’m in love” – when it hits you, it hits you, and then you either jump for joy, or groan out loud, passersby wondering why you’re in so much pain – they don’t see the emotional pain though, and wonder if it’s some physical ailment

  2. Oh, people can see the emotional pain, if they’re insightful enough.

  3. Sometimes they do… but most of us are very good at not showing our feelings.

  4. Good in some situations, bad in others. In healthy relationships, for example, it is quiet a negative.

  5. I wasn’t necessarily thinking about being with someone when one realises one is in love – one may just have a relationship with that person, be good friends, and the realisation hits, and the same old story ensues – one doesn’t realise what one has right in front of ones eyes… usually not before it’s too late as well. I think when reading poetry, one really does personalise it because one wants to relate to it, in order to understand it… hence my comment, because I’ve literally done that and groaned out loud, and some passerby has asked me what’s wrong… it is only my interpretation of your poem.

  6. Em, I suppose so. I’ve never had it happen myself, due to a habit of consistently exploring the minds of those around me, as well as knowing my own; so I see its beginnings.

  7. I don’t really get the point in the poem then… isn’t that what the realisation is, the, “shit, i’m in love” bit? The hunt for love, the search, and the final dramatic desire to burn the world until you find that love you’re searching for, until you finally feel you belong? Admittedly, the poem commences as though you are in the past, sifting through a memory… so it’s interesting that I’ve interpreted the remainder as such.

    You see when you are starting to fall for someone? I feel it… and it freaks me straight out. The same as when I sense that someone likes me… I never know what to do about it either. I realised over the last couple of months that I may also actually be a commitmentphobe… this is worrying in itself, considering I am searching for my ‘home’.

  8. Ah, I see now. A very good point. No, this poem was inspired by a woman I witnessed in a documentary, whom was beyond my reach.

    But consider this point. Is it commitment you fear, or is it intimacy? Why fear commitment with whom you know you should love? No reason, unless you do not know whom is to be loved. For this to occur, you must not know yourself.

    No shame in it. Maturation is a process demanding a great deal, not an inherent trait.

  9. No, I am not afraid of commitment or intimacy – I just haven’t met the right person.

    Sometimes what you write in your comments is incredibly condescending, you do realise that, don’t you? Your comment up to “for this to occur, you must know yourself” was fine – it’s the last two sentences you should reconsider having thrown in… it may make you more appealing to ladies out there, for whom I believe you have intended your whole blog.

  10. A common perception of my actions, yes. But consider what it means, if I’m fully aware of it, and yet still choose to do so.

    The scale of maturity, onwhich people fall, is very wide. On one end are those whom are self-aware, who’s perspectives are accurate. On the other end, are those whom are convinced, without doubt, that their delusions are otherwise.

    Would it be moral for me to encourage those delusions, simply because they desire it so?

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