Nat Sherman MCD Black Cigarettes

Dishonored – Drunken Whaler

I’ve smoked since I was 15… I’m guessing an average of half a pack a day, but its varied widely. My regular brands have been standard Marlboros, Camel Lights, Winton Light, American Spirit Yellow, and finally Nat Sherman MCD Black.

Starting out, for months, it wasn’t uncommon for me to go through a pack or two a day. I got them, despite my age, because I was surrounded by smokers who were happy to buy for me – I was relatively innocent and cheery in those days, so everyone loved me. My life’s been stressful, cigarettes have been my crutch – would you rather I was violent, or an alcoholic? No, I take my problems out on myself, thank you.

Nat Shermans claim “100% Natural Tobacco”. In the last few years, I switched from Camels to American Spirits, and was unable to smoke any other brand after Spirits – finding other brands to be far too chemically, and causing me to have a headache. When I switched to MCDs, I again got headaches from any other brand – even when smoking Spirits.

The MCD blacks aren’t as strong as Spirit blues, but they’re fine. Aside from being high quality tobacco, they also have an interesting effect for me: They don’t do as much damage to my throat as other brands. I can consistently smoke half a pack a day, and be fine. I can barely handle 6 a day on other brands, and usually get a headache on the first one.

They’re expensive. I’ve never found a pack under 9.30, before tax. Maybe there’s more state taxes hidden in there. But, if you’re going to smoke, this is the right way to do it. Nat Sherman has a wide variety either way.


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~ by Louis Naughtic on July 21, 2016.

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