Pigskin Driver Gloves

Lil Wayne – Drop The World

I’ve never used a specific brand of these, I just inspect whichever I come across. As far as gloves go, pigskin is a balance between cow and goat – thick enough to take serious wear, thin enough to actually feel what you’re doing. Great for general construction, landscaping, forestry work.

Aswellas being durable and flexible, pigskin has another dramatic benefit over cowhide: it dries soft, and reforms easily. When I get a new pair, I drench them with water, put them on, and go about some business – then just leave them somewhere.

Aswith all leather gloves, it’s best to thoroughly inspect each pair before buying them. While leather gloves are easily superior to synthetics, their quality control is far lower. You’ll often get pairs of leather gloves wherein the stitching falls apart in days, or the leather is poorly measured, and is thus too large or small. Just try them on beforehand, and inspect the stitching.

Another problem is the excess leather being too large on the inside of the fingers – this can be remedied by turning them inside-out and cutting the excess.


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~ by Louis Naughtic on July 21, 2016.

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