Steam – Digital Media Distributor

Wax Fang – Majestic

An online media distribution company. Basically, they sell digital copies of video games, and all those that you own are managed through their company’s app. Their download speeds are fine, and they often properly manage the multiplayer servers of games they sell.

They have numerous interesting options, such as account sharing, inbuilt voice. Another insane thing, which I haven’t confirmed, is having the game run on a different computer than the one you’re actually playing on.

The main allure, however, is them deals. Skyrim, on the Christmas which was within.. maybe a month or two of it’s release, was sold at.. I believe 40 bucks? Older games, however, regularly get discounts ranging from 50-90%. Dark Souls 1 regularly gets down to 7 backs, as does Dead Space 1 & 2. The deals are real.


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~ by Louis Naughtic on July 21, 2016.

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