Tenga Flip Hole Black

Jerry Reed – Amos Moses

What is a list of manly-ass tools without something to put your dick in? It’s great. Better than pussy? Well, physical stimulation on your dick being the only metric? Emm, pretty good. Like the company’s ad says: they’re trying to improve upon the cunt, not imitate it. I named mine after the tranny I had my god damned heart ripped out by.

It’s a tube, with an opening for your dick. The outside is mostly a hard shell, with soft parts that you can press on to improve the feel. But that shell splits in two, causing it to flip open. Makes cleaning it a breeze. They run about 60 bucks, and the company says they last about 50 uses. Seems like a lot more than that to me. Needs lube, though I suppose allot of spit might work. Or, if you got a woman, her brine.


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~ by Louis Naughtic on July 21, 2016.

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