Tenga Flip Hole Black

Jerry Reed – Amos Moses

What is a list of manly-ass tools without something to put your dick in? It’s great. Better than pussy? Well, physical stimulation on your dick being the only metric? It will punish your dick; if the damn thing was hot and stinking, I might go celibate. Like the company’s ad says: they’re trying to improve upon the cunt, not imitate it.

It’s a tube, with an opening for your dick. The outside is mostly a hard shell, with soft parts that you can press on to increase pressure. But that shell splits in two, causing it to flip open. Makes cleaning it a breeze. They run about 60 bucks, and the company says they last about 50 uses. Seems like a lot more than that to me. Needs lube, though I suppose alot of spit might work. Or, if you got a woman, her brine.


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~ by Louis Naughtic on July 21, 2016.

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