Honesty in Relationships

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Honesty in relationships, transparency, being ceaselessly forthcoming – all extremely important to me. In that spirit, I’ll say first, that there is a specific component of my history, and to a lesser degree my present, that I am unwilling to share here – that would cause most people to think very ill of me. There’s no issue, but there used to be; though it never really translated into action, so I suppose it wasn’t a problem then either. Nevertheless, it is important to mention.

I also feel it necessary to confess that, with Tranny, I violated my own commitment to truth. But, as with my horrible secret, there are plenty of reasons for this occurrence, and many factors involved. In summation: I told him I wouldn’t lie to him, and that I would immediately discuss any problems I found with his reasoning process.

I discussed problems I found, until it seemed he was becoming unreasonable. I feared, if I pressed him too hard, he would reject the apparent truth, which proved his paradigm both incorrect, and designed to comfort him – rather than for pursuing truth, which he took pride in imagining himself consistently doing. In the end, he left for that exact reason anyway. In all likelihood, I merely delayed the inevitable. I thought that, as smart as he was, he just needed time to grow more comfortable.

Digression aside, when dealing with a liar, it’s difficult to get anything done. It’s also difficult being intimate with a liars, whom invariably hide their emotions. I simply don’t want to deal with it, nor do I think it part of a healthy relationship. So, if you can’t be honest, transparent, and forthcoming, I’m not interested in regularly mashing genitals until our old age.

That’s really it. Pretty simply. Oh, right, confabulation doesn’t get a pass. That was a problem for both Tranny and Ex. Interestingly: while Tranny was too immature to acknowledge his subconscious problems, but was smart enough to change; Ex was mature enough to acknowledge her problems, but too dumb to change. Or I’m a megalomaniac. In any case, I’m alone. Fuck my life.

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~ by Louis Naughtic on July 28, 2016.

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