Honesty in Relationships

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Brutal honesty, complete transparency, being ceaselessly and immediately forthcoming – all extremely important to me. In that spirit, I’ll admit to a component of my history, and to a much lesser degree my present, that I am unwilling to share on the blog due to the social taboos associated with it.

I will say, here: I thoroughly regret what little harm I am unlikely to have done to others, at the young age I was. And that I now, intimately, know shame, guilty, self-hatred, and empathy. Lastly: I do not lie about the subject on this site, though I do omit information related to it. I do obfuscate when unintentionally discussing related information in the Let’s Plays.

I also feel it necessary to confess that, with Tranny, I violated my own commitment to truth. But, as with my horrible secret, there are plenty of reasons for this occurrence, and many factors involved. In summation: I told her [FTM] I wouldn’t lie to her, and that I would immediately discuss any problems I found with her reasoning process.

I discussed problems I found, until it seemed she was becoming unreasonable. I feared, if I pressed her too hard, she would reject the apparent truth, which proved her outlook both incorrect and designed to comfort her – rather than for pursuing truth, which she prided herself as doing. In the end, she left for that exact reason anyway. In all likelihood, I merely delayed the inevitable. I thought that, as smart as she was, she just needed time to grow more comfortable.

Digressions aside, when dealing with a liar, it’s difficult to get anything done. It’s also difficult being intimate with a liars, whom invariably hide everything true about themselves. I simply don’t want to deal with it, nor do I think it part of a healthy relationship. So, if you can’t be honest, transparent, and forthcoming, I’m not interested in you. And I do count “white-lies,” aswellas lies of implication and omission.

That’s really it. Pretty simply. Oh, right, confabulation doesn’t get a pass. That was a problem for both Tranny and Ex. Interestingly: while Tranny was too immature to acknowledge his subconscious problems, but was smart enough to change; Ex was mature enough to acknowledge her problems, but too dumb to change. Or I’m a megalomaniac. In any case, I’m alone. Fuck my life.

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~ by Louis Naughtic on July 28, 2016.

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