Sexual Compatibility

Metal Gear Solid 3 – Snake Eater

Sexual compatibility is important to me. Though consistently horny, my main concern is not the gratification derived from the physical act. As stated in “Devotion and Reciprocity,” I want a relationship wherein fulfilling each other’s needs is paramount.

Therefore, even when exhausted and unaroused, I happily provide for my partner; it’s a simple physical act, a minor amount of exertion. Can I view someone as caring for me, if they begrudgingly fulfill, or even deny, this need?

Another factor of importance, which I would have as central in our lives, is the intimacy that is both generated, and deepened, by regular sex. If you are unwilling to interact and expose yourself, to such a beneficial and simple degree, how can I trust you with my life?

So, all the above, in combination with my strong sex drive, makes my minimum requirements for sex relatively high. While I can understand and compensate for discrepancy in our sexual needs, I nevertheless have my bare requirements. Though I assume they will change as I age/depending on workload.

Around once every third day, intensively, for over an hour. As for specifics: I’ve experimented with kink overtly so, especially in porn, but have found it mostly boring in actual sex. Though I’d happily indulge your kinks, should they prove healthy – and buttstuff is great. I genuinely don’t mind experimentation, though polygamy, blood, and shit, would be hard sells.

Basically, I focus on the fundamentals – fucking the absolute shit out of you. I managed that once; she did not find it as endearing as I did.


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~ by Louis Naughtic on July 28, 2016.

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