~ The State of Humanity

Albert King – Born Under A Bad Sign

“Behavioral Modernity” – Wherein homosapiens began behaving as people do today. There are different estimates of when it occurred, some saying approximately 50,000 years ago. More estimates suggest homosapiens [with and without behavioral modernity] have existed 200,000 years, and approximately 100,000,000,000 homosapiens have existed throughout time.

All those lives, all the love and work of those whom meaningfully impacted humanity, yet society remains in it’s current state. Famine, tyranny, war, and petty crime, remain common despite millenia of recorded history proving their worthlessness and preventability. While most people will admit the aforementioned issues exist, few will admit to the implications of their existence.

Those problems do not merely occur; they are not born of random chance, appearing without cause – they must have conducive circumstances. Humanity possesses more than enough resources in man-power, technology, and experience, to prevent those reoccurring problems. What is the factor, which we fail to manage, which makes atrocity common?

Ourselves. How many of humanity’s problems are not of our own creation? Famine usually results from uncontrollable, unpredictable, environmental chaos – and a severe lack of foresight. Tyranny, war, and crime, however, are all directly the result of people’s actions – not random environmental factors, but people choosing to behave destructively toward themselves and humanity as a whole.

While the hordes whom choose to harm others are certainly a problem, there are also those whom choose not to help. Whom are bigger problems to society, whom are more vile? Those whom are born to poor circumstances, and thus could not have become anything but destructive, or those whom have every resource necessary to aid the world, and instead spend their resources selfishly?

And of course, between the destructive and the selfish, are those whom commit lesser crimes which destabilize humanity: the religions and subcultures, whom breed insanity among the masses; corrupt politicians and businessmen, whom force people into desperate circumstances; and finally, average people, whom lack the mental resources to properly care for themselves, muchless contribute to society.

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~ by Louis Naughtic on July 29, 2016.

2 Responses to “~ The State of Humanity”

  1. Ask yourself the following question; “If your video games avatars are actual living and sentient beings, what does that make of you?”

    To the Gods, we are nothing but dust in the wind. And to ourselves, we are simply a superior and slightly more advanced animal. Nothing more, nothing less. Slightly more intriguing than a monkey …

  2. PS!
    I love your blogs, and your project. Been there myself in fact! May you find peace of mind, and love in abundance … ❤

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