Asheron’s Call

Ronu-San & Trio of TD  – Cuz Ima PK!

Asheron’s Call was an MMO back in the days when Everquest reigned – came out of beta in.. 1999 or 2000. AC was the center of my life for years, and those years were, very likely, the best of my life. The reason being that life had yet to begin it’s next extended campaign against my happiness, and AC was fucking amazing.

What made AC unique, and in my opinion superior to today’s standard MMO model, was it’s freedom. Unlike MMOs these days, where creeps with even a minor level advantage gain absurd bonuses, AC creep stats were static. This, in combination with full control of your character’s progression, allowed players the freedom to go wherever the fuck they wanted.

Course, that didn’t mean you could overcome any creep you felt like, but you had allot of options. You could focus on taking out individual, stronger enemies, or hordes of weaker – both options producing efficient gains. And each class of enemies dropped items for various quests, which made for good trading.

And the world is extremely open; the only restrictions were dungeons with level limits – which was usually associated with quest dungeons. I, still, haven’t explored every area in that game, or even most. Allot of that is open country of course, but allot of it is dungeons I simply never visited.

There’s another thing. The quantity, quality, and variety of dungeons is simply absurd. I never, even remotely, found more labyrinthine dungeons than in AC: they’re just so god damned complex; I’ve literally spent hours just trying to find my way through one. If you ever want to get an idea of how many dungeons there are in AC, download AC Explorer, and set it to only show dungeons. Absurd.

Also of note was the excellent player killing – there was only one full-pk server. Normal stat rolls were made to determine if an attack was dodged, or magic resisted, but AC also involved a component of skill: missiles [including spells] could be side-stepped, melee had to focus on positioning to chain their attacks, etc.

Adding to the player killing quality was a lack of “factions” in the game, as opposed to the standard model these days. This meant that the only people you were safe with, were in your player-made guilds – though they were still capable of attacking and killing you. Also, there were no instances; this caused the dungeons with the best resources to be regularly fought over. Fucking AC.

Unfortunately, it’s recently been shut down. Some third-parties seem to be trying to pirate it, which I desperately hope they succeed at. Best time of my life, shut down. Figures.

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~ by Louis Naughtic on July 30, 2016.

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