Slavery And You!

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Humans have a great capacity for change. But, at present, we are what we are. Those whom intentionally benefit at other people’s detriment, those whom are irresponsible, and those whom are helpless, are most often drains on society.

Rich and poor, powerful and weak, many people take more than they give; whether caused by a deficiency of morality, sanity, intelligence, or physique, the result is the same. How do the ethical and solidaritous humanely manage people whom compromise society’s health?

The immoral can be educated in the benefits of solidarity. The insane can be therapized. The simple can be limited to impactless positions. The frail can do undemanding work. However, these methods still place the burden on the productive citizenship, whom must pay for the stewarding. And methods, to aid all whom are drains, may be unavailable.

Some may be too corrupt, insane, simple, or frail – beyond our current ability to aid, and thus perpetually hinder peace and order. What is done? Execution is the obvious solution, but given the current immaturity of humanity, its a difficult method to utilize responsibly. And of course, there are those whom are completely devoid of responsibility for their conditions, whom deserve compassion over execution.

Preferably, we’d have the ability to prevent and cure all occurrences of corruption, insanity, simplicity, and frailty; and create extreme resource abundance, causing any drains on society to be negligible. Unfortunately, that would require extreme cultural and scientific advancement – but superstition still dominates humanity, so that’s unlikely to occur.

What, then, do we do in the meantime? Those whom are drains on society, yet are not removed from it, are indebted. That debt needs to be paid by those whom incur it: it’s blatantly unreasonable to demand the moral, sane, and productive, pay for the destructive. How, then, should that bill be paid?

Indentured servitude. Those whom are drains on the state become property of the state, until their debts are paid through labor and they learn to stop harming society. Alternative to this generous option, they may choose irrevocable exile, or the magnanimous gift of a tool to aid in suicide. Preferably, they have loving families, or volunteers, to care for them instead.

During this indentured servitude, their freedoms are removed, they are housed, provided for, forced to whatever tasks they are capable of completing, and taught to become productive members of society. Many people would presume this to be an inhumane process which must be avoided. Why?

K-12 schools are essentially state-run daycares that occasionally teach useful information. Social aid programs attempt to manage the insane, simple, and frail – unless they fail to obey the rules, afterwhich they are abandoned to homelessness, “institutionalized”, or forced on their families and charities. And finally, prisons handle the immoral, insane, and law-breaking – and execute.

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~ by Louis Naughtic on August 2, 2016.

2 Responses to “Slavery And You!”

  1. The thing with you mister (and I say this with distant affection) is that you sort of give a rat’s by your expression. There is concern in your words. I appreciate the honest expression whether I agree with your points or not. What you write is not for everyone; as it is with my voice. Keep on posting, loving when you can, and looking for the truth. It is out there despite what we experience with our limited senses.

  2. I appreciate your contribution, and your rejection has caused me to reconsider a flaw in my explanation. I hope you find it suitable, when remedied.

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