The Legendary Pink Dots – Golden Dawn I suggest avoiding this link.

Though formerly a prolific cigarette smoker, very occasional drinker, and former heavy marijuana user, I abhor drugs. Yes, I understand that they can responsibly be used to develop healthy psychologic benefits. I also see psychologic benefits derived from having overcome addiction – as it requires a degree of metacognitive expertise.

Some day, when I’m financially secure, and have a partner that could lock me in a room if things go pear-shaped, I would like to carefully explore drug usage for the sake of metacognitive research.

However, seeing the majority of people as incapable of handling their lives when sober, I don’t promote drug use. I see cigarettes as fine, as they primarily diminish physical health, with relatively little negative psychological influences – though they require more regulation. Alcohol, though requiring more restriction and punishment, I don’t mind so much; many people need to learn to lighten up in general.

Beyond that, I’m against their free use among the populous. This includes marijuana. It didn’t work for me, and I’ve seen hordes of longterm stoners whom are entirely useless, extremely delusional, aggressive imbeciles [one day, society will realize that’s the driving force behind rap music (which I do like some of)]. I’d sooner talk someone out of their religion than argue the simplest point with a stoner.

As for the rest of regular, recreational drug-users: I’d see most of them dead. I’m not exaggerating: I would, personally, attend to the deaths of most regular, recreational drug-users. This, because most people, completely devoid of drug usage, are savages; filling them which chemicals that destabilize their already-faulty reasoning, is a blatantly idiotic idea.

In summation: I don’t care about the drugs’ alteration of the mind and body; I care that most people are incapable of responsibly handling those alterations. Thus, drugs should not be allowed until humanity matures, and those currently corrupted – and functioning as vectors for drug-culture – should be wiped out. If humanity were mature enough that people could quarantine their self-destruction? Go ahead, stupid.

Heavily regulated medicinal usage is fine.

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~ by Louis Naughtic on August 6, 2016.

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