Science, Superstition, and Religion

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As stated in the “Paradigm Primer:” we can’t trust our thoughts. Therefore, we can’t trust our interpretations of our surroundings; without knowing everything, we can’t be certain of anything. This rule applies to all of humanity’s perspectives and collected knowledge.

From the cults religions which have dominated humanity, to the recently developed scientific-method – it’s all guesswork. Some would argue science is not guesswork, but they don’t understand science. The entire body of scientific knowledge, while empirically built, is only a working theory.

However, there’s a difference between superstition and science. Superstition treats it’s uncorrelated and unexamined assumptions as unalterable facts. Whereas science treats it’s correlated and thoroughly examined assumptions as theory, which are expected to change as new information comes. Granted, the religions do randomly invent new tenets to suit popular opinion, but that does not resemble empirical reasoning.

As previously stated, treating an assumption as fact is not useful. The alternative, of acknowledging our ignorance, is certainly terrifying, but it’s useful: if we don’t self-deceive, don’t hide from life in comforting delusions, we can build empirical knowledge. This allows us to develop some degree of understanding, thus control of ourselves and our lives, thus happiness.

Given the above, consider the next point. The religions which treat assumption as fact are certainly superstitious, but consider Atheists. Don’t they also, assume without total proof, that no deities exist? Further, aren’t “scientists,” who treat scientific knowledge as unalterable facts, also superstitious?

Therefore, as stated in “Religion; The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly,” I don’t directly correlate being religious with being insane. Though I do suspect the religious, whom do treat assumptions as facts, are generally insane. I think the same of Atheists, and scientists, whom treat any assumptions as facts. Of course, the smaller the leaps in logic, the lesser the insanity.




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~ by Louis Naughtic on August 14, 2016.

4 Responses to “Science, Superstition, and Religion”

  1. Wow. Cant trust our own thoughts?

    What is the point of logic and reason then?

  2. To -eventually- understand. You’ll notice I’m not saying that we are incapable of -eventual- understanding. I infact lean strongly toward the possibility. And I’m not saying we don’t have allot right. Merely that we don’t -know- we are right.

  3. What do you think about aliens, ufos, and other paranormal phenomenon?

  4. Aliens: possible but exceedingly unlikely. I don’t find the subject important enough to cover.

    Paranormal phenomenon: Mostly complete bullshit for people who would sooner live in their harmless fantasies than master reality. Weird shit happens of course, but if any of that bullshit was real, it would have been proved long ago: people don’t leave things that harmless, yet consequential, alone.

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