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Bright Eyes – The Four Winds

All my thoughts are generated by my brain. All my actions are guided by my thoughts. I don’t know how my brain works. Therefore, I don’t understand my thoughts. Therefore, I can’t be certain of their accuracy, or success in the actions they guide. Even that line of reasoning, and this very sentence, falls under that rule.

What do I do, if my self-ignorance compromises every thought and action? I could turn to the scientific disciplines that explain the brain. But those disciplines remain incomplete. And to complete them, there would be another, far larger problem.

My understanding of the brain can’t be completed, without knowing all the laws which define the universe. Otherwise, the axioms I currently base my brain-research on, could be disproven by newly discovered laws. Therefore invalidating my research.*

So, to be certain of success in any action, I’d have to understand all the laws which define the universe. Can the human mind contain that knowledge? And could we even gather it in one lifetime, if humanity has yet to do so over millennia?

Therefore, I’ll probably never be able to prove anything – even with thoroughly sound empirical study. I might be right about alot of things, but can’t ever be truly certain. And thus everything in my life, at any moment, can fall apart due to unknown factors.

I do my best to understand and control my life. But even with the greatest caution, I’m still ultimately helpless. And I accept that. I attempt to build a empirical understanding of reality, and from that, determine my actions. But there’s another choice, that most people prefer.

Whether through conscious choice, or subconscious impulse, the majority of people prefer self-deception over facing how helpless we are. Why? Well, life is terrifying. That fear can paralyze us, or push us to furious aggression. Both states are detrimental to survival.

Because control of our emotions is so difficult – and biologically impossible for many – our minds instinctively repress awareness of our situation, to avoid reckless emotions. But, like covering up one lie with more lies, self-deception requires more and more self-deception.

As the delusions become larger, they become harder to cover up. Eventually, to maintain the delusions, the mind begins to, also, repress the act of thought itself. To repress thought, is to deny ourselves, our main tool for survival.

This makes the deluded less and less capable of surviving. That makes them more and more helpless. Which makes them in greater need of self-deception, which requires further repression of thought. A downward spiral, leading to insentience.

I theorize that this pattern of behavior is not only common, but overwhelmingly dominant in humanity – now, and throughout history. This perspective is the bedrock of all my perceptions of the human mind, and thus of humanity.

However. There is another possible response to our helplessness: metacognition; rational and conscious self-understanding and control. I see it as nothing but a skillset, an empirical collection of information that is enacted as one would move a limb.

Through metacognition, control the fear – not avoid it. Bypass the entire self-deception pattern, and you can develop deeper understanding, and control of yourself. Then, try to be happy while enduring life’s bullshit.

I think, through years of practice and a life demanding it, I’ve developed this ability. That, in combination with my philosophy, is why I doubt I’ll ever find a mate through standard means. And thus, this blog. Fuck my life.

*Taking that line of reasoning to the extreme – perhaps the laws, which define the universe, are merely temporary. Perhaps they, at inconsistent intervals, randomly rearrange into nonrepeating patterns that in no-way resemble former patterns. 


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~ by Louis Naughtic on September 1, 2016.

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