Journal Entry 10-1-16

An American Tail – Somewhere Out There.

Forgive me Internet, for I have sinned. It has been 4 days since my last confession. I’ve smoked 2 cigarettes; they were unsatisfying, but that tends to be the case unless I chain-smoke to get nicotine back in my system. I don’t especially crave smokes, though I’m having a hassle reestablishing homeostasis – should be a shortterm issue.

That aside, work is odd. The possible flexibility of hours has proven true: I start and end when I want, and take whatever days on and off that I want. Very convenient, especially combined with the job being nextdoor. The boss, however, continues to be insane; I’ve seen hardcore druggies more coherent. I assume he was formerly a longterm, heavy-user of marijuana, as he fits the profile.

He can be fine, and he can go on for 10 minutes explaining how to manage tasks that a child could handle. It once took him an hour and a half to gather some shovels, pruners, tarps, and other basic tools for a 5-hour job offsite. All that is tolerable, as he’s paying me to endure his time-wasting, but a new problem is presenting itself, that’s forcing me to social-engineer him.

Often, in the middle of his manic explanations, he’ll generate a laundry-list of minor tasks for me – each requiring that I attend to another laundry-list of details that are blatantly obsessive. Unfortunately, he can’t follow his own reasoning, and expects me to precisely understand both his ramblings, and the details he’s omitted. His instructions consistently contradict themselves.

I’ve managed worse than him, however, so I can extract the necessary information while hiding that I’m forced to treat him like a retarded child – to prevent his inevitable emotional response to seeing his own inadequacies. I so love dealing with people, and thoroughly support the notion that everyone deserves freedom without the slightest need to prove their fitness for such freedom. *places gun in mouth*

Anyway. He rambles forever, doesn’t even know what he’s saying, then gets pissy when I miss one minor detail amidst the maelstrom of his nonsense that I’ve miraculously managed. The man is well-past the age that he’ll change, so I’ll have to do some tricky engineering to make this work longterm.

I may drop him though, once I’m physically fit again, to find a job that requires less hours to pay my bills without draining my savings. I’d like to keep that savings intact, incase through some unfathomable twist of fate, I find one decent person in the 7 billion currently in existence, and need to move to them. I won’t be holding my breath for that happening, but we need hope to get out of bed.

Instead of dwelling on my tragically absurd life, I focus on forcing tolerance through metacognition, improving my physical health, and enjoying the usual hobbies; its working. After the recently mentioned cryfest motivated by the Tranny, I reminded myself of all the bullshit he did, and got over it; seems that my affection keeps growing back when I ignore the subject.

Living the dream. I remember, when I was a boy, wishing repeatedly to “know everything” – so that I could avoid future mistakes. Assuming my future problems would result from my actions. How amusing.

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~ by Louis Naughtic on October 1, 2016.

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  1. *places gun in mouth*… Hah..! ~pie~

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