Feminism & The Princess Complex

Bjork – Bachelorette.

While the proclaimed purpose of feminism is noble, throughout my entire life in America, I have never personally seen a single action motivated by misogyny. Perhaps, then, feminism has made serious progress against misogyny in America.

I’ve seen footage & read news of rampant oppression of women in third-world countries; I’ve watched plenty of fictional movies wherein females are being abused; I’ve heard the endless rhetoric of feminists. But, despite my working exclusively blue-collar, and having spent a great deal of time in the lower-class, I’ve never personally seen one action driven by misogyny.

On the other hand, throughout my entire life in America, I’ve constantly seen females given preferential treatment. At work, females are given the easiest jobs, expected to work the least, given the most leeway, and male co-workers and superiors often “help” with their work. Outside work, I’ve seen females consistently allowed to get away with behavior males are ostracized or imprisoned for.

On the reverse, when treated as equals, when expected to carry their own weight and act like adults, I’ve seen many females, “feminists” especially, proclaim they are being mistreated. I’ve also seen far more females, than males, whom jump between relationships without concern for their partners. Infact, many women, despite being in various forms of relationships [one was pregnant from her boyfriend], have vigorously flirted with me.

The evidence of my life, therefore, suggests that in America, misogyny does not exist to even remotely the degree proclaimed by feminists. Rather, the exact opposite: American females are given preferential treatment. Granted, that treatment is biased, but the results are nevertheless far from abusive.

I’ve never heard feminists discuss the princess complex born of this preferential treatment, nor the predominantly female trait of exploiting romantic relationships for monetary gain, or… any flaw more common to females than males. How can one take feminism seriously, if they almost exclusively discuss the issues originating from one half of the equation, and do not first seek to quell problems originating from within?

Therefore, I’ve found that the majority of first-world “feminists” are little more than females whom, having spent their entire lives being catered to without reason, are mentally akin to spoiled children. Though I can understand how, being constantly pampered, one would view fair treatment as abusive.

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~ by Louis Naughtic on November 15, 2016.

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