Journal Entry 12-11-16

Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman – Time To Say Goodbye.

What bothers me about idiots, is that there is rarely anything I can legally do, to stop them from spawning chaos. Idiots, despite persistently spinning in circles while spraying shit, are protected by hundreds of thousands of law enforcement, governmental, and military personnel, whom prevent me from beating sense into these people that cannot be reasoned with through rational communication.

Probably not the best opening paragraph; let’s backtrack. I moved. It went well, aside from my hitting a branch with the moving van, chipping paint the size of a dime, which cost an extra 150$ for their insurance’s deductible; cheaper than the whole bill, so I’m cool. Belongings are all functional, though not all are put away yet. Still need to get a wireless router working, but net is functioning and at the correct subscription.

But, what inspired the initial paragraph: the savages I lived with managed to fuck me one last time: I got somewhere around 50 copyright infringements on my account in the last 4 days of living there. 50. There’s a screencap of it below. That is the exact reason I didn’t tell those animals I was leaving before doing so; imagine what would have happened if I told them I was moving out.

The best part is, the person I suspect was doing it [the downloaded music was the type of awful and obscure, hipster trash, which he regularly blasted next to my fucking room] was eye-balling me as I removed my things from the kitchen – asking if they belonged to me. They did, except the broom I took, which I later realized wasn’t mine, and returned; mistook it for my own broom, which I didn’t bother finding after. I always treated that idiot kindly.

Funny thing is, I’m trying to get a job where that idiot works. Knowing my luck, if I get it, he’ll succeed in his inevitable attempts at sabotage – which his stupidity will insist upon. Anyway. Assuming none of the companies which flagged those infringements take me to court, I’ll be fine. And, that potential job aside, I don’t have to deal with those fuckwits again. Praise Lootius. Oh, but I assume that my ex-landlord is going to fuck me out of my deposit.

All that aside, things are great at the new place. Owner and I continue to retain and deepen the bond from mutually being left by those we intended to marry. He was completely cooperative in the moving process. He was also very appreciative of my cooking, which I will continue to do for him to repay how cooperative he has been, as well as for giving me 20 free days. Everything is clean, orderly, and quiet. The German Shepard slept on my bed last night, and is currently sleeping on it – very bitchin’.

All seems well, which is honestly unsettling: I’m used to everything going wrong for no fucking reason. I can’t complain, and its odd; it’s just been too long since life’s been peaceful and I haven’t had to parent idiots. I’m at a lose. Well, still need to get a real job, but that’s a distant problem. Oh wait! I can complain! The water heater and pressure are weak, the tub is very strangely angled, and I have to half-tip-toe while pooping because the toilet is so weird. So my life is still terrible! Thank fucking god.

Anyway, back to the moving process. Don’t worry, I’ll get back to crying soon enough; wouldn’t want you coming here to cheer up.


I realize its an unpopular opinion, but the fact of the matter is: most first-worlders need a daily dose of sound beatings, to remind them that there are consequences for acting like sociopaths. But then, if there’s only sociopaths, the one sane mother fucker trying to enforce order looks like the bad guy. Fuck you, life.

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~ by Louis Naughtic on December 11, 2016.

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