Let’s Play The Evil Within

Anything on my blog, or the Let’s Play, is restricted to people over the age of 18.

A complete playthrough of The Evil Within. A third-person shooter with a horror theme; it’s basically a more advanced, and buggy, version of Resident Evil 4 with more gore, and less escorting a stupid slit. Wander around the spooky spooky, shred your enemies with bullets, cry and scream like a chump, upgrade your shit, repeat.

The game-pacing is excellent: new challenges come as the current ones become predictable. The mechanics are a mixture of shooting a path through monsters, and stealth-killing; both are well-done. I did both with a focus on resource conservation [often to excess] but I suspect the game’s drop-system might allow for reckless gunwork.

The bugs were primarily minor, nothing gamebreaking. But you’ll likely die a few times, getting stuck on an edge while trying to kite. Maybe you’ll be spotted when you shouldn’t be. Maybe some bullets won’t land. Of note is that you, seem to, be able to kill all enemies you run into at all times [with sufficient ammo]; I kept not being certain with bosses, and thus wasting time and energy. No big issues.

Ah, of note is that I’m still refining my Let’s Play process, as such, there are various minor issues within this Let’s Play: volume, webcam, and cutscene skipping. All will be resolved in future recordings. Apologies.



Let’s Play [With My Heart]



~ by Louis Naughtic on December 25, 2016.

One Response to “Let’s Play The Evil Within”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever beat the game but it’s extremely creepy lol

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