Let’s Play This War Of Mine

Anything on my blog, or the Let’s Play, is restricted to people over the age of 18. This playthrough had a handful of videos with smaller resolution than usual; I apologize for that; it occurred without my knowing.

“This War of Mine” is a survival game that focuses primarily on resource management and atmosphere. The story is told through the environment and gameplay, rather than forced down your throat with cut-scenes. The setting is in a city, in a warzone. You aren’t soldiers: you are random citizens stuck in the middle, trying to survive.

The game is divided into two phases: day and night; during the day, you manage your base and resources, and the wellness of your people; during the night, you go to sites throughout the city to search for the materials required for your survival – this leads to various social interactions, from amiable to fatal, which draw you deeper into the story.

Decisions will constantly need to be made in the base, all will influence your chances of survival. At night, while looting, you need to worry about spending your time wisely and dieing. For me, the most important component to mention about this game, is a moral option it allows: murdering murderers.

To avoid censor and placate simple-minded audiences, most games involving moral choices abstain from granting the players.. sane choices: your choice is between being naively kind and generous while hoping everything miraculously works out, or being rampagingly murderous. For whatever reason, those options are more socially acceptable than actual morality.

Rant aside, when you’re low on resources, and your people start dieing, you can choose to hunt down, murder, and take the resources of, murderous people. Sure, I could have hoped that luck stopped my people from dieing, or I could have stolen from helpless old people – but This War Of Mine allowed me the choice I’d have made in the real world: killing killers, and taking their shit.

I suppose you could just steal from them, leaving them alive.. but aren’t you thereafter responsible for everyone they kill?

Let’s Play [With My Heart]



~ by Louis Naughtic on January 5, 2017.

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