Community [Review]

Rodger Ridley & Grandpa Elliot – Dock Of The Bay [Cover].

Ah, Community. I’ve never been the type to regularly replay games [multiplayer notwithstanding], reread books, rewatch shows, etc. Though that is seeming to change the older I get. Usually, the gap of time between reviewing/replaying is the span of years – so that I can forget the original experience to some degree, and not be bored out my mind. Thus, my regular viewing of Community is an extreme oddity – even if that viewing is merely in the background, while I do something else.

It’s a comedy show, about a culturally diverse group going to community college. On the surface, its very cutesy and whimsical, but underneath is far from the usual childishness accompanying those traits. Instead, you find the rapier humor of an intelligent adult surrounded by politically-correct sycophants.

Basically, if the PC were as insightful as they imagine, they would be outraged by Community. I like to think that’s the writers’ inside joke – the creator of Community is Dan Harmon, whom also manages Rick And Morty. Racism, sexism, classism, all the good stuff that upsets the sheltered, are staples of Community’s humor. But, being subtly delivered by lovable and silly characters in a comforting setting, they fly under the radar – though later seasons are increasingly overt.

Community‘s delivery of humor is my preferred style – though I’d like it to be far more overt, rather than attempting to skirt offensiveness. For humor, at it’s best, addresses problems toward productive ends, and avoiding subjects is avoiding their solution. But hey, it’s a network television show – can’t expect pure art. Still, they do a very fine job of utilizing high-humor.

An interesting psychologic trick can be preformed when humor is wielded correctly: framing a joke so it’s on the edge of a person’s comfort zone causes low-grade metacog; they have to think, “Am I offended by this? Why am I offended? Should I change?”

Do that enough times, and they start to notice you’re doing it intentionally. It’s fucking hilarious to watch someone figure out you’re teaching them by making them uncomfortable – even funnier when they realize they’re growing because of it. Most people will just get upset that you’re in their head though. Peasants.

In the dark year of my suicidal depression, Community has been a warm place. A reminder that intelligence and sanity exist in the world; that good people can gather, and improve each other’s lives. When nearest suicide, Community makes me feel at home, and laugh.

As if Rick and Morty wasn’t a big enough contribution to humanity – that cock sucker Harmon helped keep me alive, and thus at humanity’s reigns. You idiots owe him.

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~ by Louis Naughtic on May 24, 2017.

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