If I Were Rich.

Chaim Topol – If I Were A Rich Man.

I fully expect my luck will continue running poorly, and thus my current goals. But, since this blog exposes my soul for perusal, let’s discuss what I’d do with a fortune. In this theoretic situation, assume that I have no wife; otherwise the next paragraph is nullified. In her absence, I’d employ a team of head-hunters to track her down.

Once that’s in the works, until she’s found, I’d put a few whores on staff. They’d have contracts, be treated fairly, etc. And I wouldn’t get weird with them; I just need steady sex to stay my happiest and healthiest. Think of it as my version of going to the gym. However, they’d also be paid to cook, clean, and generally just hang out with me.

I’ll need a bed for the whores, aswellas a room inside a house. That house would be an approximate copy of the one I grew up in, altered to suit my tastes. Ideally, I could simply buy back the family home, and live there. That, however, I doubt is a possibility, given my main goal requiring I live in a specific place.

Where that place is, I have no idea. What that place is, I know. I want to start a cult, and thus need to live in a place filled with idiots and lunatics. Wait, that could be anywhere. No, what I want is to live in a place most conducive to my grand scheme of dragging humanity, kicking and screaming, into an Age Of Basic Fucking Reasoning.

To do so, I’d fund and manage research on the mind and biogerontology. I would build a fucking city devoted exclusively to it. But before explaining the reasoning, let me explain why I would -not- be giving to charity [outside of my immediate community].

While it seems noble to be charitous, its idiotically short-sighted. If I can address the sources of stupidity and insanity, I increase the overall solidarity of humanity, which therefore addresses poverty – permanently, once a certain threshold is reached. To clarify: if people aren’t stupid and crazy, they can take care of themselves, and happily and constantly help each other – further preventing future occurrences of stupidity and insanity.

Back to the point. Solving all of humanity’s problems might seem hard, but have a sit. Let’s say that enough brain research provides us with a map of the mind. That map allows us to thoroughly understand the mind, to the point that we can objectively identify what constitutes sanity, maturity, and intelligence – and how to instill those traits in people. We also thus have the means to objectively prove that most people’s “beliefs” are inventions of their unhealthy minds – and that the act of belief, itself, is destructive lunacy.

Of course, plenty of people will ignore the proof, as happens with every subject. But those people become increasingly less, and more marginalized, as time goes on – I.E. global warming/holocaust deniers. And with brain research allowing for exponentially increasing numbers of decent people, there will be less and less room for the lunatics.

Now, if biogerontology can extend human lifespan while simultaneously preventing degradation of the mind, another social pattern comes into existence. Longer living humans, in combination with the brain research, means wiser humans – as in, they don’t spend all their fucking time fucking other people over for no fucking reason. Ontop of that, these fuckers will have decades of free time.

They will likely spend that time improving society, by slowly promoting a mature culture. One might ask why they’d bother. The answer is: basic fucking reasoning. When our society isn’t composed of shitheads, we don’t have to constantly watch our backs, clean up after their stupid fucking mistakes, etc. And there’s nothing better than having healthy relationships with people – which can’t be had with shitheads.

It honestly baffles me that I have to explain this shit. What do normal people waste their fucking time thinking about? Banging whores, I guess. So we have that in common.

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~ by Louis Naughtic on June 1, 2017.

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