Advanced Moral Manipulation [Journal 7-1-13]

Jean-Jacques Burnel – You Won’t See Me Coming.

Meaty, meaty subject matter. I almost have to thank the aforementioned shitheels for shitting on my life. Given my current situation, it seems an excellent moment to discuss the manner inwhich I deal with shit people. Very meaty. Nothing has progressed yet, regarding that situation, but this topic occurred to me.

To be perfectly honest, I would prefer to physically punish them, while repeatedly stating basic concepts of reasoning, until they genuinely understand and choose to do right. This may seem extreme, but then, what is the purpose of governmental military? To physically punish opponents of one’s government, under the presumption that their government’s judgment is sounder than the other’s. Well, they do allot of killing though. Maybe the judicial system is a better example. No, they do allot of killing too.

Anyway, I’ve repeatedly been in situations wherein I’m helpless, and subject to the whims of shit people. This, of course, started with my mother. While she’s an extreme example, the personality types whom take advantage of others are always the same: they’re very instinctively driven, and habitually deceptive/self-deceptive. The former propels their lunacy, while the latter allows them to live with themselves – if you can call the deluded mind a live one.

Recall this specific component of these theoretic situations: I’m helpless; there’s nothing I can really do to change things; I just have to endure as some primitive shit goes about their sick business. In this particular example, I’m dealing with the roommate situation, which really isn’t too bad. But I can’t afford to merely move, away from them, for at least a month; I’m stuck with these dumbshits. Being upset that I proved them ultimately wrong and irrational, they may vindictively steal or break my shit while I’m still living here – including my truck, which I can’t really do anything about. But, all my good stuff is in my room, which is locked at all times.

At worse, they could attempt to fabricate reasons to evict me, and correlate their lying – despite my meeting all their requests, even the ridiculous ones. That wouldn’t surprise me, given their characters. If that’s the case, its the word of one vs the word of two. I’d likely be screwed. But, I don’t think they’ll take it that far. To quote Socrates: “No one knowingly does evil.” My interpretation of that quote: there’s only so much self-deception one can manage, to excuse their blatantly savage behavior, without compromising their sanity – which keeps most people away from the more immoral of actions.

That principle is the fulcrum upon which my retribution depends. They can only lie to themselves so much, until it starts to eat at them. Whether they respond with increased self-deception, thus diminishing their sanity; or whether they respond by acknowledging their faults, and thus maturing; I still win. Admittedly, its not as desirable a victory as a sound beating, but I take what I can get.

Now, the method to trigger either of these responses is simple: you let them have their way, while simultaneously making sure they know they’re wrong. For example: while discussing their grievances, after patiently listening to their pathetic attempts at reasoning, I politely and thoroughly explained the numerous flaws in their arguments [the valid arguments aside, which I’m happy to comply with]. Keep in mind that throughout our conversation, I utilize a noncombative, friendly, humorous, factual, and cheery personality.

Now, being motivated by emotionality in the first place, their regular response to being proven wrong, is doubling-down on their self-deception by inventing new lies to support their already bullshit grievances. I let them do so. Once they’ve begun that new self-deception, I make a concession regarding their original reasoning. Such as: “Well, I guess I just don’t really remember what happened. Maybe you’re right, maybe I did do that. You know what, I’ll do [such and such] to help.”

Very specifically: I lie about what happened, to unjustly take partial responsibility for whatever their original delusional grievances were, giving them the choice of whether or not to accept that lie and my taking responsibility. Immediately after their [of course] choosing to allow the deception, I reveal the logic of their doubling-down as faulty. Then I repeat the cycle, until their fabrications become a self-referencing loop. Atwhich point they simply can’t continue, and I end the conversation amiably while holding back a cackling.

By the end, I’ve made a wide range of concessions to placate them, predicated on my false responsibility; I give them that psychological poisoned-treat every time they self-deceive. But, I simultaneously prove they’re wrong, without forcing them to acknowledge it openly. In this process, they get what they pretend they want, while losing what they actually want: I make some minor behavioral changes, while they lose the feeling of superiority, and thus the perception of being in control.

To do this, throughout the entire process of the argument, then later while following through with my concessions, I show my superiority: through analyzing the situation in far greater detail and accuracy than them, while simultaneously abstaining from their pitiable deception tactics; in communicating concepts they’ve never even imagined, through methods they’ll never master; in completely ignoring their laughable attempts at intimidation; in side-stepping the emotionality, which they expect of the situation, with my cheery demeanor.

Because of this, they now associate getting what they wanted, with being proven weaker than me. Thus, I turn their savagery against them: that savagery, which causes them to harass me due to their self-perception of inadequacy relative to me, now associates getting what they want, with being weaker than me. Which confuses the absolute shit out of these slobbering peasants. Conversely, if they have a shred of sentience, if they care in the slightest about morality, I’ve just forced them to seriously consider the validity of their actions.

And finally, if they have no sentience at all, no decency to speak of, are animals pure and black, I’ve just encouraged their insanity. I pushed them deeper down the well, which will degrade the quality of their life in the long run. In exchange, in this specific example, I’ve lost a few hundred bucks, my utilities went up a bit, and I have a few minor changes in my schedule/surroundings. And I might just move once I got the cash.

Now I wonder, would it have been more moral to just let them have their way, without setting them up for a psychological event? After all, if they simply become more insane, won’t they be more dangerous to those around them? Maybe burying them is the most moral action, rather than risk their becoming more insane? Maybe beating the bitch out of them, while teaching them to think, would be the most moral choice? Maybe, given the restrictions placed on me by society, the method I’ve chosen is the best option.

Or I’m just a megalomaniac. Maybe my recent “breakthrough” was my delusion, and I’m descending deeper into madness! I suppose, in truth, the sense of vindication is all I have left to cling to, while watching life throw more unjustified bullshit at me; the – likely delusional – imagination that my morality will some day pay off. Well, that and metacog. Sweet, sweet metacog; you’re my only friend.

In any case, their harassment aside, it is interesting to watch their behaviors in this situation: I have yet to completely comprehend the mind of the immoral and irrational. Though I do suspect I understand as much as is necessary: they simply self-deceive/clump together bullshit to feel comfortable; what shape that self-deception/bullshit takes is determined merely by the shape needed. So good to be on the receiving end personally, over and over.

Oh, and I spent maybe 5 hours meditating once I woke up, before I felt I could face all this bullshit. I’m so god damned sick of people. And so desperate for companionship. Ahhh, life.

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~ by Louis Naughtic on July 2, 2017.

2 Responses to “Advanced Moral Manipulation [Journal 7-1-13]”

  1. Hello! I especially related to your comments about your mother as maybe my child(ten) would same something similar. I’m not going to defend myself or your mother; or anyone else you named for that matter, as I’m sure they did cause you grief. And I agree that most people are stuck in a rut where they repeat their mistakes and are not reflective. This would include perps and victims alike. Victims tend to fall into victim-hood over and over. Meditation is a good thing for sure– genuine spirituality based on a firm foundation even better. Routines, a meaningful or meaningless hobby and someone you trust more than yourself help too. I have worked hard to change from the emotional wreck I was 20 years ago. Every year I’ve made strides to focus outwardly and love more. I hope you consider what I’m saying here. The negativity might be eating you up. It did me.

  2. You might say it is. I would, specifically, say that what’s eating me is the bad luck that always finds me. And not merely that it finds me, but that is seeks me out for behaving morally. That’s the real problem, towhich my only solution is forcing my emotions into productive shapes. I cannot emotionally accept being alone in a world wherein morality is consistently punished, for the reason that there are so few good people.

    Now, as you have granted me some solace with your presence, I hope to return the favor by possibly easing your burden. Regarding our related history, perhaps elaborating on my mother’s behaviors might cause your history to be less troubling? Perhaps, in seeing the magnitude of her immorality, you may be able to forgive some of your own -possible- mistakes?

    As you can find mentioned in the “Early Childhood” post, she repeatedly made me eat my own vomit. She once starved me for a day. She once, at the age of 5, put me in a diaper while specifically trying to shame me [I wet the bed] – I believe she was drunk at the time. She was usually drunk or high, I believe. I suspect she tried to get me killed by intentionally being inattentive of my activities during winter storms, and in general.

    Later, around 15, when I returned to Alaska, I think she tried to have sex with me. During this same period of time, she left me on the island alone, without warning – I did have the fully functioning house, stocked with food, and there were maybe.. 50 other people on the island. But she simply left; no one was told to look out for me. She did not come back for months.

    The only reason she did all these things, was her alcohol and drug abuse – choices she made – that corrupted her mind. Life was not hard for her; she was not pressed into her actions. She choose to be a bad person. Over, and over, and over. Though my Grandmother once told me that, even as a child, she was extremely self-centered. Perhaps, even before the drugs, she inherently possessed a form of sociopathy.

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