Stay In School, Kids. [Journal 7-18-17]

Amy Winehouse – Back To Black.

Having been somewhat raised by TV, video games, and books – and personally lacking malicious intent until humanity repeatedly made it’s nature clear – I believed in the myth that people were inherently good. Therefore, I derived the notion that I could easily make my way in the world by simply working hard, doing the right thing, etc. A logic conclusion, no? Again: it’s a myth that people are good. Most people fall somewhere on the spectrum, leaning toward bad..

But, as Socrates maintains: “No one knowingly does evil.” While I agree with the spirit of the concept, I disagree with the literal meaning: people can damnsure know they’re do the wrong thing, but they make excuses, convincing themselves they’re justified. And of course, there are people whom are so insane that they aren’t aware of much of anything – including the thoughts which motivate their actions. Stare a drugged-up lunatic in the eyes, and you’ll see that a person can exist without a single thought in their heads.

But, tangent aside, let’s say on point. Most people suck. I’ve been in the blue-collar working-world for nearly a decade now, and I’ve had.. one enjoyable job, wherein I wasn’t surrounded by destructively immature people – and even therein, my boss was a knob who everyone hated. Oh, and because of a government loophole, I was paid under minimum wage. The other jobs were filled with piles of asshats, with bosses whom regularly exploited their workers. In these situations, your only choice is to move on once the exploitation/social nonsense builds.

So, stay in school. Not because a real career is fulfilling, and not because a real career is necessary something you’ll enjoy. But because people whom go through college, and make real money, are calmer, and have more experience objectively combing through large amounts of data. That doesn’t mean they’re intelligent, or emotionally mature – it just means they’re better than the blue-collar trash whom shit all over each other in their desperate attempts at succeeding.

The reason this all comes to mind is that, today, on my 7th day straight at the new job, some idiots got bitchy with me. It was very slight, but it was nevertheless unjustified. Basically, we were so busy last night, that I didn’t complete my prep-list. To clarify: I was told to stop working on it, and leave it for the next shift. I was probably told this because those guys saw me busting ass all night, and out of respect, they sent me home.

But, this morning, soon as I walk in the door, a guy who wasn’t around while I was working, starts getting cunty. He didn’t ask the rest of the team if I was fucking around, didn’t get any backstory, he just opened up cunty. Then, the other sous chef and him talked [that sous also wasn’t there yesterday], and he also got cunty – without getting any other information. So they tell me to speed up. So I work the exact same speed, while pretending to be scared. And they’re suddenly nice and very slightly apologetic.

This is the kind of shit you deal with on a daily basis in the blue-collar work. And my current roommate situation is another thing that just happens. If I made more money, I could live alone. If I’d had one respectable job throughout my adulthood, I’d still be there, in management. But I make minimum wage. In a major fucking metropolis. I recently found a place that was 1,050 base rent – but with a minimum income requirement of 40k.

So now, to stay near work [because I don’t make enough for a vehicle], I have to find another houseshare – which, in all likelihood, will just be another ticking timebomb. So that I can work shitty jobs, wherein no matter what I do, chances are I’m fucked. This is not wage slavery; there is no overarching body seeking to limit my life; this is humanity, as a whole, being so rampagingly incompetent and selfish. The point is: stay in school; you need the money that careers pay to deal with humanity’s bullshit – plus the people are better at keeping their hands to themselves.

Ah, and I’m not sure I mentioned it in the last entry, as I’m fucking exhausted. Landlord’s dad is buying my truck. At this point, I don’t necessarily need the cash, but I’m honestly sick of lugging it around. And since I’ve functionally given up on the working-world ever giving back to me, I’m just gonna work shit jobs near wherever I live. Fixing that truck personally wouldn’t take more that a couple hundred, but insurance and tags would cost me another six hundred, and fuckall knows what else will go wrong with it in the future – it’s so damn old.

Still, I’ll miss her. And to be honest, I’ll miss the memories of Ex, associated with that truck – which I got from her after she fucked up big. I miss you, you crazy bitch, and I enjoyed our time together.

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~ by Louis Naughtic on August 3, 2017.

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