“Echo!” [Journal 8-22-17]

LoZ OoT – Lost Woods.

Ah, to watch the wild Idiot – such a fascinating display. As previously stated, the line crew has to yell for me to hear what they need. They always need something, so there’s alot of yelling. Which they’re getting better at, but still suck in general.

Anyway, as is standard practice in any fucking situation wherein information needs to be conveyed over noise, I echo back whatever they yelled as confirmation. If they don’t say anything back, I got it right. They yell “hot jizz,” I yell back “hot jizz.” But, it seems like this is a new concept to these fuckwits – despite the issue with the mother fucking stereo and very load kitchen equipment. How they survived without me, I’ll never know.

So, when I was training that dude, he noticed me doing it constantly. Usually, he’s at the far end of the rather long line, so he doesn’t hear shit. Anyway – I’m laughing as I type this – he picked up the habit, but with an ridiculous modification: he doesn’t yell back what was asked for, he instead yells back “echo!” Which defeats the fucking purpose of the action. All he’s really doing is confirming that he heard something.

So he keeps doing this. Now, the Aspberger’s-having, 50 year-old, lifelong dishwasher, is doing it. And the other day, I heard one of the Mexicans do it. Let me be absolutely clear here: yelling “echo” as a response is not something anyone does anywhere for any reason. Ever. Every time it happens, I have to hide my laughter. It’s just so stupid.

Ya, it slows things down, but it’s so funny. Plus, I want to observe the social mechanics. How fucking far will these idiots take this? More importantly, why the fuck are they doing it? It’s flatly idiotic, but they’re still doing it. So, why are thy doing it? Do they hope to emulate my marvelous ass, and somehow gain my magnificent majesty? My voice is stunning after all, especially when yelling. So fucking funny. Also mildly depressing that this is the level of stupid I’m dealing with.

If memory serves me, this has happened before, in different manners. In Dota 1, when leaving a game early [I did so very rarely, and only when burdened by heinous teams] I would, in allchat, type: “MY CATS ON FIRE!” then immediately drop. After a time, other people started doing it. Laughed my ass off every time. Even saw it happen in HoN and Dota 2 a few times. Haven’t seen it happen in years though – sadly.

Second: I once had a gaming buddy in Dota. This was back in the early days, before Dota 2. So, before Dota 2 brought about it’s “professional” competitions, I regularly used the term “lane rotate” to indicate a switching of lanes. He adopted it, and was a consistent user of the mic. Well, now they use the term in the professional games. That could be pure coincidence though, given that it’s a logical usage of the term.

To change the subject: had the other interview, seemed to go well. No idea what will happen, as I’ve learned that getting a job is often random as fuck. I really hope they hire me, but who the fuck knows. Said she’d get back to me by the end of the week after talking to the other interviewer. I’m guessing they think I’m over-qualified or something? Two interviews, over the course of two weeks, after my going in a few times over the course of two prior weeks and asking about work. Who fucking knows; stupid does ridiculous thing all the time.

I’m just here to suffer through them, apparently. I hope I did enough wrong to deserve this. Oh, and a tendon around my shoulder, attached to my collar bone, hurts. I want a wife to tenderly massage it while cooing at me. BUT ALAS! IDIOTS!

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~ by Louis Naughtic on August 23, 2017.

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