Fetish And Genius [Journal 11-2-17]

Charles Bradley – Why Is It So Hard.

First of all: I’m not saying any of this is healthy, sane, or accurate; merely that it’s absolutely hilarious, interesting, and revealing of my thought-processes. To be clear: I am being completely honest here; this is not an elaborate joke.

I have a FtM fetish. My god, FtM’s do it for me. It’s not exclusively due to my past with Tranny, but a very strange psychological response. Keep in mind that I am not attracted to male physical traits.

Having a good eye for body language, I have very little issue seeing through the facade of a gender-change; accordingly, my brain does not register a FtM as male, but as female. Thus, my brain mostly associates their masculine physical traits as belonging to a strong and healthy female – which presumably makes good breeding stock?

So, presumably, my subconscious is attracted to FtM’s due to a perceived.. potential awesomeness of offspring? This perception occurs with standard females aswell: my being attracted to physical traits indicating strength – I also assume it would occur with highly intelligent ones. But there’s also another factor, which cranks up my need to fuck the living hell out of FtM’s that pass me.

The masculine traits possessed by a FtM also stir the male-vs-male-competiveness part of my mind – equivalent to the extent of their masculine physicality. When this competitiveness mixes with the attraction to what I perceive as a genetically-potent? female, they make me far hornier than a normal woman gets me.

Even the most attractive women have no impactful influence over my judgment: they can’t pull my strings, as they do with most males; I might get momentarily befuddled while repressing the urge to flirt with them, but they’re ultimately uninfluential. A FtM, however, I have to tear myself away from: I have to willfully stop myself from checking them out, flirting, etc.

And I’ll be honest: I perceive the majority of transgenders as merely the victims of mental illness, rather than neurological deformity: those I’ve known, consistently possess too many self-deceptive and manipulative traits, for it to be coincidental. I’m open to being proven wrong on this; bring me some science. But the point is: something in my mind also wants to.. fuck them into sanity/submission? – which probably blends with the aforementioned competitiveness, and my history with Tranny. Fucking fantastic.

Again: not saying any of this is sane, but it’s pretty fucking funny and revealing. Oh, right, and what brought this up is the FtM who happens to live in the room across the hall from mine. For those unfamiliar with the journals: she’s got a thing for me, is cute as fuck, and hides a wondrous thickness. Today, as she does during our rare passings, she put off the body-language of intentionally concealing her attraction to me.

I bet her asshole tastes like strawberries, and her pussy like freedom.

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~ by Louis Naughtic on November 2, 2017.

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