Humble Bundle, Fanatical, Indie Gala

Barry White – My Everything.

While Steam often has excellent sales on a massive selection of video games, these “bundle” websites are a bit different. Essentially, they offer packages of video games at absolutely unbelievable prices. For example, just the other day, I got 200$ worth of games for 5 dollars.

Why would they offer such fucking absurd deals?  Well, for the most part, these bundles are of games that have fallen out of the lime light, and thus the developers are trying to milk the titles for all they’re worth and simultaneously advertise.

The downside of bundle websites is that their bundles are very randomly assembled: you cannot count on a game you want being in a bundle. Essentially, you have to just wait until it’s randomly packaged. And the most popular titles are less likely to be packaged at all, though you can scroll through Humble Bundles’ recent monthly bundle history to see that they do infact package many popular titles – but never near their initial release dates.

It should also be noted that these sites, aside from their bundles, offer standard sales much-like those from Steam. Humble Bundle stands out among the rest for also offering excellent Ebook, Software, and Mobile bundles – you just wouldn’t believe the deals. Fanatical offers a high-discount daily deal.

There are other bundle sites out there, but these are the ones I know to be legitimate.

Tool Hub



~ by Louis Naughtic on January 27, 2018.

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