Let’s Play Persona 4 [PS2 Orig.]

Anything on my youtube channel is restricted to people over the age of 18.

This complete playthrough of Persona 4 is also a semi-daily vlog of my life during the playthrough [from 3-9-18 to 4-13-18]. That is to say: while playing the game, I also talk about myself – thoughts, emotions, blah, blah.

Persona 4 is a high-quality JRPG with a scintillating plot – and one of my favorite games. I deem Persona 4 high-art. Said plot involves the daily lives of a bunch of teenagers solving a series of murders. While that may sound idiotic, it’s far from it, as the story focuses on exploring emotional and psychologic matters with degrees of maturity most people.. never possess. They also hang out, doing silly and fun teenager shit, which made me cry like a bitch on more than one occasion.

It should be noted that the first few hours of gameplay are basically just cutscene after cutscene. Despite the odd choice of beginnings, the mechanics are engaging. Also note that the total playthrough is somewhere around 90 hours. Yeah. Video games used to be a serious business. Below is the complete playthrough.


Let’s Play [With My Heart]



~ by Louis Naughtic on April 20, 2018.

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