Let’s Play With My Heart. [Journal 5-4-18]

Mykal Kilgore – Since You Been Gone.

Again: Apologies for altering my posting habits; I’m instead vlogging via Let’s Plays. Through that medium, I’m actually creating far, far more content than I have thusfar. See the Persona 4 playthrough as an example. That fucking thing is about 90 hours long. I have another 50+ hours on Stardew Valley, soon to be loaded -as well as 35+ on My Time in Portia.

As previously mentioned: during these playthroughs, I discuss my daily thoughts, emotions, etc. What I did not previously mention was some important content, which started in the Stardew Valley recording. I start seriously attempting to kick my metacog into high-gear, and daily discuss the process. That process has continued into the My Time in Portia playthrough, and is still in development. Exciting shit – presuming you lean toward my being a genius rather than a megalomaniac.

I try to talk through most of those playthroughs, to keep you thankless animals entertained. Unfortunately, I’m often just repeating myself or rambling about nonsense. I’ve got at least 200 hours of vlogging up, so you’ll just have to forgive it. But, between the bullshit and repetition, is my usual mind-shattering genius. You’re welcome. Consider donating, you hopeless idiots.

Oh, and I don’t know how things will go for the blog in the future – whether I’ll stick to vlogging or whatever. Doesn’t really matter: no viewers anyway. I’m just looking at this whole thing as something I need to keep doing to find a wife. Plus, I’m finding it incredibly useful to have a journal/vlog.

Shit, right. I still haven’t started looking for work. I’ve got a shitty little car though, and got the idea in my head to look for work at charities or non-profits – hoping to find decent people working at such organizations, rather than the depression-inducing savages I’ve found everywhere else.

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~ by Louis Naughtic on May 4, 2018.

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