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Recipes, tools, and techniques. I eat like I’m about to die. When I was a boy, living in a few places around the world, I had a variety of food. I believe I ate dog once or twice, and enjoyed it – the meat allegedly favored by Louis and Clark [they traded with the natives for it]. Now that I think of it, that Seagull Egg Pie was basically just custard.. hm.

I always wanted to be a cook as a kid. I spent a lot of time cooking with my Grandmother, who’s name is tattooed over my heart. I later cooked professionally for around a year, and got out of it simply because that’s where life forced me. And the kitchen industry is pretty horrible. I have a lot of great memories of cooking. I love to cook, and would love to make it a large part of our daily lives. Hm.

Recipes, tools, and techniques follow. The section is mostly a placeholder for those two bitching recipes; I’ll flesh it out once I run out of important shit or get bored.

Classic Biscuits [Intermediate]

Coffee-Infused Chocolate Cake with Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Glaze, Praline filling, and Ganache [Suicidal]

Dexter Cook Knives 10″ & 12″




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