Let’s Play [With My Heart]

My Youtube Channel [Content warning: No one under 18 allowed.]



This section contains links to my “Let’s Play” videos. You can observe my behavior while playing video games, and simultaneously pouring out my fucking heart. The heart-pouring-out occurs primarily in the Let’s Play With My Heart videos. The rest of the videos are pretty standard play-throughs or reviews. Important to note that the first two With My Heart installments lack webcam feed.

I’ll be talking in my preferred manner therein, rather than being polite and politically correct. That means I will be consistently utilizing very hurtful and offensive humor, every variety of slur, insensitively discussing sensitive political topics, sexual topics, psychological topics, personal topics, etc, etc; you’ve been warned. Consider the videos a form of performance art, artistic expression, or stand-up [sit-down] comedy.

The following posts link to specific playlists and their associated videos. Numbers 8 & 9 are of arguably higher quality.

Let’s Play With My Heart [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  [5]  [6]  [7]  [8]  [9]  [10]  [11]  [12]

Let’s Play Darkest Dungeon [Review]

Let’s Play The Evil Within [Complete Playthrough]

Let’s Play The Evil Within 2 [Complete Playthrough]

Let’s Play This War Of Mine [Complete Playthrough]



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