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Self-awareness is the line separating sentient being from inanimate object. But, there are degrees of sentience. A child is barely sentient, yet infinitely moreso than a rock, or a chair, or Sol. Still, children are highly impulsive; what little self-awareness they possess is devoted to reckless fulfillment of their unscrutinized instincts.

For this reason, adults carefully herd children, to prevent them from inevitably harming themselves and others. We condone this practice because adults have greater self-awareness and self-control – greater sentience. But adulthood doesn’t grant immunity to stupidity, irresponsibly, and irrationality.

Children are motivated by maelstroms of emotion, causing them to act primitively. Growing toward adulthood, the penalties for such recklessness demand adaptation. Unfortunately, society does not teach the complex and delicate process of healthy maturation; instead, encouraging conformity to savage cultural norms that interfere with sanity and solidarity.

Religious/subculture worship, resource hoarding, physique obsession, breeding, drug-abuse, etc – all encouraged instead of maturation. Pathetic and pitiable. If children are to be denied freedoms by adults whom possess greater sentience, what are those “adults” to be denied by their superiors?

Metacognition is conscious monitoring and alteration of our mental processes. Through metacognition, numerous benefits can be reaped: boosted memory retention and accessibility; speed and clarity of thought; and facilitation of physical fitness. But those are mere derivatives of metacognition’s primary function– sentience amplification.

This section is essentially a guide to metacognition, as it’s an easy method for me to explain the subject. And, my partner will simply have to be capable of metacognition; I will gladly facilitate conveyance. Unfortunately, I have no facts and figures, no charts filled with meticulously researched details, no reference material. The good news is: all that’s unnecessary.

The following links are sequential.

Metacognition Primer

Cautionaries, Disclaimers, and Qualifiers

Meditation Primer

No-Mind vs. Metacognition

Let’s Play With My Heart – Metacognition Edition


Like the header photo, I had no idea this picture was taken, nor did I align myself.



One Response to “Metacognition Hub”

  1. Although metacognition technically, is the accurate term, I prefer “Meta Mind”, due to its poetic qualities …

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