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Everlast – What Its Like.

People often view me as an unstable misanthrope, when hearing my philosophy and observing my behaviors; they  – fumblingly, attempt to – say that I want excuses to subjugate others. But then, others, often see me as the extreme opposite: consistently self-sacrificing, rushing to the aid of others, and providing sound guidance in emotionally challenging times.

The eye of the beholder. Feminism is often utilized by misandrists, and people whom propagate and suffer from, the princess complex. Religions, allegedly promoting peace, more often promote warmongering and every other crime against humanity. Governmental influence is constantly utilized exclusively for personal gains of politicians, rather the communities they pretend to serve. Even Academia, the greatest hope for humanity, tends toward the small-minded and cowardly bias of sheltered souls.

The following links are mostly sequential.

Paradigm Primer

Science, Superstition, and Religion

Hurtful Humor and Familial Aggression

The State of Humanity

Immorality of Reproduction

Religion; The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Slavery And You!

Feminism & The Princess Complex


Hillary, Trump, & Reality




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