N.A.S.A. – Way Down

The human mind, above all things, fascinates me: aside from composing “me,” and thus being the source of all my joys, the mind interprets and predicts the functions of existence and self. So, while I possess a wide variety of interests, they all fall under the greater umbrella of my interest in the mind. When viewed this way, can any other investigation be more rewarding? Infact, is there any other investigation?

While all components of the mind fascinate me, psychology, not physiology, is my main interest. I don’t define Academic methodology as the exclusive means of study; I prefer hands-on approaches: metacognition, talking to people about subjects more intimate than their opinions of pop-culture, observing art and entertainment, having a real life, and simply giving the subject thought while unhindered by the meticulous obsession with irrelevant details common to Academia.

Both due to my interest, and for facilitating productive metacognition, there is nothing of myself fromwhich I hide – even my horrible secret, which is mostly omitted from this site, and will be reserved for private interactions with potential mates. I expect the same self-honesty of my mate.

If understanding the mind is my main interest, what greater resource of information is there, than another person? So, not only do I face my demons, but I willingly expose them, and every other part of myself, to others in hopes of return. If you’re incapable of such openness, I am not for you.

And as a courtesy, a hint on my unspeakable secret:  I’ve never been to war, killed anyone, stolen anything worth more than a few bucks [it happened as a child], intentionally forced anyone against their will, coerced said will, taken advantage of foolish desires maliciously, done any drugs harder than marijuana [not counting a half a Valium I once took], been to jail, or even directly harmed anyone [aside from childish nonsense]. Yet still, many would label me immoral – though none who’ve heard the story, have openly thought me so.

0-7 Early Childhood

7-12 Late Childhood

12-15 Early Adolescence

14-15 My First Love: The Stalker Chronicles

15 Back To Alaska [Part 1]

15 Back To Alaska [Part 2]

16-22 Back Home [Part 1]

16-22 Back Home [Part 2]

22-23 The Great Recession

23-26 Work And College

26-28 Ex And Work

28-29 Good People

29-30 Good Times

30-31 Living The Dream


Me, about to kick your ass.



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