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Sam Smith – Stay With Me.

I started writing poetry when I was 15 – for a girl, of course. Broke my heart, or I suppose we broke each other’s – so I ran back to Alaska for a spell. I stopped writing years ago, though I occasionally turn one out. Probably for the best, as most of it was atrocious. Here are a number that found popularity. “Flowers” was my first.. written back when I was more mentally robust.












One Response to “Poetry Hub”

  1. “Bury me Heart at the Dark side of the Moon, cause it has seen things, no man shall see, without loosing his sanity!!”

    Here’s one I wrote in prison, after having spent three months in solitary confinement, for crimes I had never committed;

    “Open your Eyes!

    Open your Eyes my Son!
    A New Universe has begun,
    And the sufferings of this one, shall soon be done!
    Open your Eyes my little one!
    Open your Eyes, open your Eyes, and let the Earth be my Witness, as I utter these words; ‘Father, forgive them, cause they know not what they have done!'”

    “Music is what happens, in between the noise”

    Miles Davis …

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