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Sia – Elastic Heart.

When a relationship comes along, I have a great deal of energy to devote to it, and gleefully do so. I want love to be the center of my, and my mate’s, life. Perhaps I’m needy, perhaps love is worth that much. Either way, with the “Ex,” this desire led me to improve her life in a wide variety of ways.

Unfortunately, my efforts were rarely returned, despite her proclaimed love. This made me wary of recurrence in future relationships. While Ex could comprehend, but not fulfill my needs, “Tranny” could fulfill, but not comprehend them. The solution to preventing recurrence of either problem, seemed this blog.

Aswellas laying out my thoughts, it seems I should lay out my basic needs. In viewing them, please remember that I nevertheless aim to compromise, aim to make it work. Maybe I’m unreasonable, and those needs are too demanding; I’ll happily change, if convinced of that. But then, I expect the same in return.

An example of my desire to compromise, to consider alternatives, can be found in the subject of equality: while I would prefer an equal, I’m uncertain if it’s required. Tranny was so intelligent that I happily accepted her deficiencies, even when they prevented intimacy. Ex and I had so much in common, and often had so much fun, that I overlooked her lacking intelligence and maturity.

While I consider compromising in terms of equality, I will not compromise on reciprocity: I’ve had too many relationships [also nonromantic] wherein my contributions were not returned. Though, given my surplus of energy, I don’t necessarily expect the same quantity in return: more important is the quality, and percentage of your available supply, given. There’s still a minimum requirement – but compromise, flexibility, and such.

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