Tool Reviews

Tom Waits – Raised Right Men

All these tools have been important parts of my life, and have thus become facets of who I am. So, it seems useful to discuss them. Plus, the subject seems a great stage for sating my deplorable addiction to bad words and impolite behavior.

I’ve worked allot of real jobs, seen some of the real world. So, I find people whom can afford delicate sensibilities intolerably irrelevant. The more I remember those days, the more I talk like those withwhom I shared the shouldering of misfortunes. I wouldn’t disrespect those fine men and women by talking like a meddlesome Dandy, would I?

Accordingly, my tone herein, will be in the manner I’m comfortable; contrary to the tone in the “important subjects”. Don’t like it? Move to a country that puts a gun in your mouth for having an opinion, then tell me how much your feelings matter. Have a lovely day.

Links to individual reviews follow.

Danner Quarry Boots 

Superfeet Insoles

Leatherman Wave

Fenix TK11 Flashlight

Dewalt Power Drill

Tenga Flip Hole Black

Pigskin Driver Gloves

Steam – Digital Media Distributor

Dexter Cook Knives 10″ & 12″

Nat Sherman MCD [black] Cigarettes



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