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Chrono Trigger – Corridors Of Time.

Video games have been a major component of my life, and is my dominant hobby. Infact, a majority of my best memories revolve around gaming. Gaming’s synthesis of all other art forms, in combination with its interactivity, can produce mentally and emotionally evocative experiences – without muddling through the irrelevancies and risks of everyday life.

In short, gaming is important to me. I should specify that I’m not a table-top gamer. Though the top-quality games of those genres can be very enjoyable, I simply lack the friends for them. But even with those friends, I’d still be more interested in video games, due to their greater variety of experiences, far more complex puzzles, and online multiplayer options. Though, granted, table-topping with my lady would allow for ass-crushing stoppages – with the convenience of a table’s presence. 

Among the variety of games, I prefer those which are very mechanically difficult while still fair. Unlike many gamers, I have little-to-no interest in the majority of story-lines, and take no pleasure in imagining myself to be the hero. That does not mean, however, that I don’t appreciate great writing, visual art, music, and the overall atmosphere of game; Homeworld, for example, is a combination of excellent art combined with excellent mechanics that draws me in.

You don’t have to share in my love of games, but if you are unable to appreciate it and at least occasionally join me, that would be difficult for me to accept. Imagine if someone told you that they don’t like books, or music, or visual art, or puzzles. What would you think of them? Gaming is all these things put together, and far more. So, ideally, we would dominate a wide variety of virtual challenges together.

Reviews of various games follow. Their common traits are that they are important to me and high quality.

Final Fantasy Tactics – FFT


Dota 2 [Defence of the Ancients 2]

Asheron’s Call

Dungeons and Dragons Online

Stardew Valley

Steam – Digital Media Distributor

Humble Bundle, Fanatical, Indie Gala

Darren and the 64



2 Responses to “Video Gaming Hub”

  1. Video games are pretty fun! It’s a nice form of art that takes some skill and strategic thoughts. I play League of Legends once in awhile. It’s all fun and games! 🙂

  2. I play Dota myself. While I prefer Dota’s mechanics, I prefer LoL’s camera distance greatly.

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